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What to Expect at an Appointment

Your first visit

The initial visit is 90 minutes long.

This includes discussion of the intake form filled out prior to or upon arrival, along with further questioning about multiple body systems. 

Treatment room 1 at Seasons of Balance Family Acupuncture

Acupuncture treats each person as a whole, instead of just correcting symptoms or looking at one function.  Questions about sleep, digestion, emotions, reproductive health, and urinary/bowel function are routinely asked no matter what your primary complaint is.  The function of all these systems go together to make you the person you are, and help to formulate a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis that is specific to you.  This differs from Western diagnosis which categorizes the main complaint to treat.  For instance, 3 people may come in complaining of heartburn; instead of a catch all remedy for all three, each will receive an individualized treatment dependent on specifics of the diagnosis based on this questioning.

Next your pulses will be taken.  Beyond looking for pulse rate as you may be accustom, the pulses on each wrist represent a person’s internal health with 12 different positions.  The goal of each treatment is to balance these pulses, symbolizing your body’s response to working harmoniously at its optimal level.  The pulses will be taken periodically throughout the session to direct treatment.

We will also ask to look at your tongue.  Subtle details about you are represented through the appearance of your tongue.  As an internal organ visible to the exterior, it is an amazing tool that can help give helpful information about how all of the systems of the body are working together.  If possible, it is requested that the tongue not be brushed or scraped before a treatment.

The remaining 45 minutes will be your acupuncture treatment.
Treatments at Seasons of Balance typically include insertion of needles and Japanese hand work. Based on diagnosis and primary complaint, other techniques may be used.  All techniques are explained on the services page.

Follow-up treatments

All future treatments are 45-60 minutes.

This includes a quicker intake of any changes experienced since your last appointment and addresses any questions you have.

Pulses and tongue are assessed and treatment follows.

Treatment room 2 at Seasons of Balance Family Acupuncture


Seasons of Balance does not bill insurance, however, an itemized superbill may be provided upon request for personal submission by the patient to his/her insurance.

Amount due when paid at time of service (TOS)
Initial visit                                 $120*
Follow-up visit                          $80*

*The TOS discount is applied when patients pay in full for services rendered at the conclusion of their scheduled appointment.  Please contact us at 715-439-4095 to review our standard fee schedule.