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What to Expect at an Herbal Visit

What to Expect at an Herbal Visit

Herbal consults are available in person or via telehealth.

Your first visit

The initial consult is 45 minutes long.

This includes discussion of the intake form along with further questioning about multiple body systems.  Questions pertaining to sleep, digestion, emotions, reproductive health, and urinary/bowel function are routinely asked no matter what your primary complaint is.  The function of all these systems go together to make you the person you are, and help to formulate a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis that is specific to you.

Next we will  look at your tongue.  Subtle details about you are represented through the appearance of your tongue.  If possible, it is requested that the tongue not be brushed or scraped before a treatment.

If your visit is in person, your pulses will be taken.  Beyond looking for pulse rate and rhythm as you may be accustom, the pulses on each wrist represent a person’s internal health with 12 different positions.

Most often we will have the components of a formula on hand for you to take with you.  Sometimes, the herbalist may want to add herbs that we may not routinely carry so a formula will be ordered for you.  In this case or with a telehealth appointment, the prepared formula will be mailed directly to you.

Follow up visits

All future herbal visits are 20 minutes long or can be combined as part of your Acupuncture visit with Jodi.


Amount due when paid at time of service (TOS)

Initial TCM herbal visit                    $50

Herbal follow up visit                      $25