Float Therapy

Float therapy room

Seasons of Balance Family Acupuncture is excited to have the only float therapy pod in North Central Wisconsin!

Floating in our Sensory Deprivation Tank is a great option for anyone who is not fond of the idea of needles for an Acupuncture session or who may be waiting to get in for an Acupuncture treatment. It not only relaxes the whole body, right down to the heart muscle; but also calms and balances the endocrine and central nervous systems to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Learn more and book your first float at www.mindfulfloats.com.

Are you interested in what other natural medicine and wellness options are in the area?

Lakeland Natural Medicine website

Seasons of Balance Family Acupuncture is an associate provider with Lakeland Natural Medicine. Visit their website at lakelandnaturalmedicine.org for information about other local like-minded practitioners.